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HellAtairs GM app

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HellAtairs GM app Empty HellAtairs GM app

Post  zshadowsz on Wed 11 Feb - 1:04

1.Your name in the game/in the life
My real life name is Pablo =p
my IGN is usually HellAltair (if i make gm i would wanna be called GM Hell lol)

2.Your hobbies.
My hobbies are MMOs (mainly maplestory and lunia)
i also still collect yugioh cards lolol =p
i hang out w. my GF when she doesnt have class=p

3.Where do you live?
i live in USA
more specifically in Massachusettes (EST time zone)

IM 18 years old

I speak English mainly
can understand some japanese and some spanish

Why i wanna be GM-
i would like to be a GM cuz i like helping people out and helping new servers =p
its fun helping out others when they need it thats all =p

7.Why play to AruaMaple? Lookin for a pserver thats not very popular right now so i can help make it big and be able to look back and be like "wow look what weve accomplished"

8.Do you want to help us to make publicity for the game?(It cold be Yes or No,but Yes is a good answer

if you want me too i can get like 20 of my friends to join n theyll invite friends n we can make it big =p
also i can do some photoshop banners and stuff if needed

9.Are you nice? very nice =p
10.AS A GM?!?!?!^^ of course im nice as a gm =p
~11.Experience as GM(if not,leave blank)~ ive been a GM in 3 dif servers plus hosted my own for a while til i got my new laptop and sql didnt work on it

Ive played GMS from open beta til about a year ago then started playin some private servers =p

im usually on from about 9AM EST which is 6AM GMT - 2AM EST(11PM GMT) all days of the week =p

well thats about it for me i hope this is good enough =p
have fun mapling guys ^^



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HellAtairs GM app Empty Re: HellAtairs GM app

Post  Admin on Sat 14 Feb - 20:53

HellAtairs GM app 400_f_14


We'll be online soon!!!

AruaMaple's team

you want to join?contact

HellAtairs GM app Xtreme11

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